Wild In Wild K The Ruiner

Green Mtn Hollow FF Onxyia 1*M x Minterbay HK Kane *B

This tiny nightmare has owned us from the first week she arrived. She climbed onto Molly, looked her right in the eye, and peed on her. We didn’t actually name her. Our friends had been out petting baby goats for an hour or so when they pointed to her and said, “Who’s that? We’ve been calling her the ruiner because she ruins everything.” And, she’s my favorite kid of the year. Kane throws long kids and she’s no exception. Even though she thinks she’s going to grow up to be a monster truck driver she’s destined to be a stellar dairy goat. She has a broad muzzle, balanced length and milk genetics backing her on both sides. Kane’s two daughters we freshened this year both have put over 3.5lbs in the pail two months into their lactations and Fraggle tested at just shy of 4lbs herself for her first freshening. She could have been born blue eyed, wattled and polled but she stuck with the plain jane black look, which makes me love her all the more. But, while we wait for this youngster to mature, you better believe she’ll be ruining everything in the meantime.

Wild In Wild H Little Wing

Wild In Wild OK Maggie Mae 1*M x Poppy Patch LM Haggred

Keeping a kid out of Maggie is a no-brainer. She’s a productive milker who is so easy on the eyes. And she loves having boys so I had to jump at the chance to keep a doeling from her. She’s slinky and long and has her mom’s smooth, sleek coat. It doesn’t hurt that she’s an in-your-lap kind of girl without any extra attention.

Wild In Wild W Wickliffe

Wild In Wild K Ruby Tui 1*M x Wild In Wild T Waylon

Her dam freshened with an absolutely lovely first freshening udder with a strong medial for a first freshener. Waylon brings high production and will-to-milk to the table. She’s a cutie, even if one of her wattles does seem to come out of the side of her face…

Wild In Wild OK Scout

SG Wild In Wild FS Little Artist 1*M x Sans Gene K Heart Of Oak *B

Based on her half sister, Maggie, I’m pretty keen on seeing how this youngster matures. Oak throws lovely, dairy girls and Sugar is a powerful doe, both in style and in the milk pail. This girl looks to have the best of both worlds, carrying on her dam’s strength with Oak classin’ it up just a touch.

Wild In Wild P Lilliwaup

Wild In Wild K Duckabush x Wild In Wild K Pilgrim *B

I’d originally planned on selling both of these doe kids just because we are trying so hard to keep numbers low this year. This little one started weaseling her way into the herd by being a totally sweet little pest and needing to always be in it, whatever it was. But she has that Maggie/Kane length and and sharpness and her first freshener dam is quickly becoming one of my favorites on the milk stand. So… she wins. She stays and we’re not sorry about it.

Wild In Wild P Madrone


Wild In Wild W Myrtle x Wild In Wild K Pilgrim *B

Sometimes you just get a feeling from a kid. This little gal is big, quickly outgrowing her dam and granddam. She is long and eye catching and a bit a of a weird little independent loner. So, of course, I love her. Something about her just looks right.

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