Varsity squad

SG Wild In Wild FS Little Artist 1*M

Sunny Prairie Calystegia x Piddlin Acres BBT Final Sunset *B


VEEV89 @ 03-03

Sugar is not a sweet goat. She is, and always has been, an introvert. She’s a little artist because, as a kid, she’d be off happily hanging out by herself rather than partying with the rest of the teenagers. But she’s proven her worth and earned her place time and again. Usually used to pumping out four-packs of kids and easily feeding them all, she arrived at her 2019 appraisal pleasantly plump, only having twins for her fourth freshening. She took a ding in her dairyness for the extra fluff (but don’t we all). But, under all the gruff and fluff, she’s a well-balanced girl that accentuates the strength in dairy strength but she does have it all. She has a lovely head with a nice broad muzzle, correct and straight legs and wonderful body capacity. She earned her Superior Genetics award on my crummy milking schedule as a second freshener and easily kicks off her lactations well over a half gallon.

Wild In Wild T Wynette 2*M

Camanna RC Magic Cadence 1*M x Elfin Acres


VEEE89 @ 04-04

Rowdy was a late bloomer, missing the boat on a couple intended breedings and freshening for the first time as a three year-old. But, turns out she was worth the wait. She’s carrying on her dam’s legacy of understated performance. She’s not flashy but is a correct, hard-working doe with few faults. She was my favorite first freshener in 2018 due to her ease on the milkstand and her persistence once we switched to 24-hour milkings. In a summary, we breed for low-maintenance goats who hold lactations and production on OAD milkings. Rowdy is this goat to a T.

SG Wild In Wild OK Maggie Mae 1*M

SG TNR CT Cinderella x Sans Gene K Heart Of Oak *B


VEEE90 @ 04-02

Maggie was the goat who taught me what to look for in a dairy goat. She has been an eye-catching girl even as a youngster. She is a level, cleanly blended doe with a lovely face that almost makes it possible to overlook how demanding that face is at dinner time. She has wonderful depth and capacity balanced by sharp dairy character, down to her sleek coat and supple skin. She easily qualified for her milk star in production in a one-day milking competition.

SG Pholia Farm HB Detour 9*M

Pholia Farm RD Wrong Way Sal 8*M x Elfin Acres ET Huckleberry *B


VEEE90 @ 05-04 / VEVV88 @ 03-05 / +VVV85 @ 01-05

The KonMari method of decluttering is all the rage: get rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy in your life. Following this method, Detour stays no matter her LA score or milk output. This little doe sparks joy. She is an easy goat to love and has a strong work ethic. She has her feet on the gate, udder in the air every morning and runs to the milk stand with gusto, wiggling her tail like a kid drinking milk when she starts gobbling up her grain. Lucky for us, we aren’t stuck keeping a pet doe around because Deets holds her own both in LA and filling a milk pail. She earned a coveted E in rump on her 4th freshening (2021) appraisal and has just kept upping her game in the milk pail. She has lovely texture with large orifices that would lend themselves well to hand milking.

SG Cougar Mountain Elwah 1*M

Minterbay SW Snowbelle x Herron Hill Swanky Franky


VEEE90 @ 03-03

Ellie comes from some of my favorite milky lines so she was an easy choice to add to the herd as a doeling. She’s lived up to her lineage, growing up to be a milking powerhouse as a second freshener. We had some technical difficulties with her one day milking competition submission and her milk sample was unfortunately spilled in the lab so no components were scored. But she still milked 4.3lbs and was well over 5lbs when I ran an unofficial test the month prior. She has lovely capacity in her udder for our goals of OAD milking as well as large teats that are a bit outsized for Nigerian inflations but would be lovely for a hand milker. She’s a deep doe who stands on straight, square legs.

Wild In Wild W Emma Jean

Toaheedliinii CK Pistol Annie 2*M x Wild In Wild T Waylon


VEVV88 @ 04-05

Emma Jean is linebred on our foundation doe, Katie (Camanna RC Magic Cadence). She inherited her double grandma’s frog face, which we will always try to add more of in the herd. Her sire, Waylon, passed on his sharpei dairy skin that is obnoxious to clip but appreciated when it translates to an udder that milks out well. Speaking of udders, Emma came out swinging as a first freshener. We didn’t milk test in 2019 due to extended travel but Emma was hanging in there at 4lbs, which is our preference for first fresheners. 2021, her next freshening, has been everything promised by 2020. The poor girl had three courses of antibiotics between breeding (an unsanctioned evacuation threesome with her daughter and a teenager promised to someone else) and the early part of her second lactation (pnuemonia from extended wildfire smoke, a difficult kidding, and a recurrence of pneumonia in the spring). So, no judgies this year, Emma. She’s hanging in there with a leisurely 2ish pound pace on her milk tests but she still turned on the sexy frump for linear appraisal and strutted that sharpie bod with style.

Siblings in the herd: Myrtle (paternal half sister, offered for sale), Waaka (paternal half sister)

Daughters in the herd: Betty Lou, two 2021 doelings (offered for sale)

Milk test: 2021 270lbs @ 94 DIM

Wild In Wild K Loretta 3*M

Wild In Wild T Wynette 2*M x Minterbay HK Kane *B


+V+E86 @ 03-05

Loretta has been our milking superstar. She is a paternal granddaughter of the lovely GCH Herron Hill CJ Cora Belle who landed herself on the ADGA Top Ten list in 2012 with 1300lbs in the pail and had a test high of 7.4lbs two years later. Loretta kicked off her first lactation with an average weight of 4.9lbs for her first three tests. In 2020, we transitioned our milkers to 24-hour fills at 100 days. Loretta easily had the capacity to adapt to the doubled fill time and still showed a strong will to milk, testing at 3.6, 3.3 and 3.0lbs for her next three tests on OAD milking. She was on a strong track to hit 1000lbs as a first freshener, with 2/3 of her lactation being on one-a-day milkings. However, we evacuated the herd due to a very close wildfire and, needless to say, our milking took a big hit. Thanks to a good friend (Rebecca Ward!), Loretta was milked over evac but plenty of 36-hr fills in there. She still through 2.1lbs in the bucket two months later and ended her first lactation at 920lbs with 235 DIM. We’d love to see her continue to mature to the depth and strength her of her dam, Wynette. She milks like a little champ though, even on a leaner frame than her dam. In 2021, she’s already cruising at 5.8 and 5.6lbs on her first two tests. This doe is a lifer here as she has shown not just exceptional productivity and a strong will to milk, but is also a sweetie and one of the most chill does on the property. I highly recommend every herd have their own Loretta.

Siblings in the herd: Emmylou (3/4 sister cousin), The Ruiner (half sister, offered for sale)

Daughters in the herd: Dottie, 2021 doe kid (regretfully offered for sale)

Sons in the herd: Delmore, 2021 buck kids (offered for sale)

Milk test: 2020 (FF) 920lbs @ 235 DIM, 2021 90lbs @ 19 DIM

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