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Camanna RC Magic Cadence

Mountain Quest JE Aplet Magic x Camanna CS Royal Cadence 

2017 LA: VEEV90 (as a 7 year old)

Milking history: 600lbs in 263 days as a fourth freshener, 270lbs in 111 days as a fifth freshener

Offspring in the herd: Toaheedillini CK Pistol Annie, Wynette, Smooth Sailor, Waylon, Charlie Noble


Toaheedliinii CK Pistol Annie

Camanna RC Magic Cadence x Algedi Farm SS Captain Kid

2017 LA: V+V+84

Milking history: 570lbs of milk in 268 days as a third freshener, 190lbs in 78 days as a fourth freshener

Offspring in the herd: Wild In Wild W Emma Jean and Wild In Wild W June Bug

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