The website is not my passion so please reach out if you have questions about the goats. You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram @wildinwildfarm. We’re slowly working on building the website, in between building fences, milking goats, chasing goats because we still need to build more fences and working the jobs that make all of this possible. We breed specifically for does who can produce well being milked just once-a-day (24 hour fills). This means our girls have the bodies and appetites to sustain production. We value the numerical direction provided by Linear Appraisal and our does are no slouches when it comes to the one time a year we ask them to stand on a leash. We don’t pamper too much for milk and hope to see them milk well on a mixed diet of grass hay, alfalfa and browse. These little goats are the ultimate backyard milkers if you want a goat who can give you a half gallon of milk a day with the hoofprint 1/3 that of a standard breed goat.

Breeding dairy goats who are productive on once-a-day milking schedules with an emphasis on temperament and hardiness. A productive goat should have the proper structure to back her up. Form equals function.

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