Sans Gene K Heart Of Oak *B

GCH Caprinos RI Night Jasmine 1*M x Poppy Patch HB Evel Knievel +B


+EV85 @ 03-02

Oak was our first buck. I wish I could take credit for choosing him help to build the herd but, honestly, it was dumb luck and some wonderful advice that led me to Sans Gene and, consequently, Oak. Once I saw his dam I was sure he was the right buck to start with. Jasmine is an exceptionally deep doe. She packs it all in, from her broad muzzle to her sleek dairy coat, and ending with one of the nicest rumps I’ve seen on a Nigerian. Combine that with some lovely Honey Goat genetics and Oak was an easy fella to ask to establish our herd. He has given us some lovely does and consistently throws long, dairy does with well-attached udders. Oak retired from having testicles in 2020 due to an inability to manage his feelings during rut. However, his son, Charlie, and grandson, Pilgrim, will continue his genetic legacy without the sass.

Wild In Wild T Waylon

Camanna RC Magic Cadence 1*M x Elfin Acres F Tamarack *B


VEV87 @ 02-04

I love this boy so much. He is a muscular dude and so manly he’s started growing chest hair to double down on his flowing beard. Waylon is balanced and masculine. His sister is one of my favorite milkers, milking 4lbs as a first freshener and maintaining 2lbs on OAD. His first daughter to freshen is following in her aunt’s hoofsteps, putting a shy half gallon in the pail and getting her sire’s LA score of 87 as a first freshener. She has lovely udder texture and teat size. Waylon is a slam dunk for improving production, attachments, capacity, dairy strength and general appearance.

Poppy Patch LM Haggred

Poppy Patch HB Primrose x Alethia ET I’m A Love Machine


+VV86 @ 02-03

Offered for sale for $475

Haggy is a sweet buck who is sorely underused here through no fault of his own, we just have too many bucks to choose from. His daughter who freshened in 2019 has an absolutely glued on udder with plumb teats. Haggred carries some of the nicest does from the Alethia/Algedi lines in his lineage. If you are looking to improve attachments and general appearance, he’s a good fellow to consider.

Minterbay HK Kane *B

GCH Herron Hill CJ Cora Belle 1*M x Stayawhile GK Hiraku *B


Kane has been a lovely addition to our herd. His kids are consistently long, stretchy, and dairy. His first two daughters to freshen in 2019 are milking well over 3lbs on their first lactations. Kane is emblematic of how form follows function.

Wild In Wild OK Charlie Noble

Camanna RC Magic Cadence 1*M x Sans Gene K Heart Of Oak *B


Charlie is a lovely combination of his sire’s dairy strength and length and his dam’s power and depth. He has grown into a buck who is emblematic of both of his parents’ strengths.

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