First Fresheners

Wild In Wild W Waaka

Wild In Wild K Ruby Tui 1*M x Wild In Wild T Waylon


+VVV87 @ 02-03 in 2021

Waaka’s dam is one of the most elegant and dairy does we have had born on our farm. Unfortunately, she had a double orifice in one of her teats so we decided to sell her as a milker but couldn’t give up on her exceptional dairiness so Waaka stayed. Waaka freshened March 2021 (normal teats). She doesn’t yet have her dam’s lovely medial definition but has one of the most socked on udders I’ve seen and her teat placement and size is very promising. She has stayed true to our style of does with a capacious udder that takes the space offered by her open escutcheon. Waaka has a bit of a beak face, whereas we prefer the frog shape. But, she demonstrated her good sense of humor by gifting her buckling a wattle on his ear to match her very offset wattles that always make her look like she’s waiting for the answer to a question.

Kids in the herd: none (two wethers in 2021)

Paternal sisters in the herd: Emma Jean, Myrtle

Maternal sisters in the herd: none

Milk test: on test for 2021 (50lbs @ 19 DIM)

Wild In Wild P Madrone

Wild In Wild W Myrtle x Wild In Wild K Pilgrim *B


+V+V84 @ 02-01

May be available to the right herd. Preferable with her dam and/or 2021 dueling.

I have to be honest. I have zero pictures of Madrone’s dam’s udder. Sweet little Myrtle (aka Spicy Baby) was accidentally bred and kidded at 12 months. She milked 1lb for me when I collected weights over a 24-hour period and she scored a 2 on stature when she appraised at 01-01. Madrone got the extra year her dam wasn’t afforded and made good use of that daily pound of milk. She’s a long, sharp doe with a lot of body to grow into. This dam line takes a few years to grow out of the teen awkwardness and Madrone should be well-worth the wait. She is already increasing in substance and depth and has shown up with a capacious udder that should increase in productivity with future freshenings. She took to the milk stand with ease, being my most agreeable first freshener of 2021, as if it was not her first rodeo when, in fact, it was. (She had some early uneven nursing that didn’t fully correct so udder pics are a bit wonkadoodle but future freshenings should not be impacted).

Kids in the herd: Wild In Wild DM Mock Orange, Wild In Wild DM Nootka Rose (for sale)

Paternal sisters in the herd: Betty Lou, Emmylou, The Cat

Maternal sisters in the herd: none

Milk test: on test for 2021 (230lbs @ 75 DIM)

Wild In Wild P Emmylou

Wild In Wild T Wynette 2*M x Wild In Wild K Pilgrim *B


VV+V86 @ 02-01

Emmylou has always been a wee little thing. She caught me off guard when I saw her one day and saw a tiny dairy goat instead of the kid sister she’d always been. With the exception of front legs and feet, she scored Vs across the board in her structural categories as a first freshener at appraisal. Still quite petite, she’s kept up with her FF sister cousins on milk test. With further freshening, this sharp little doe should continue to deepen and develop capacity as she balances out in maturity.

Kids in the herd: Wild In Wild DM Penny Jay, Wild In Wild DM Tanya T (for sale)

Paternal sisters in the herd: Betty Lou, Madrone, The Cat

Maternal sisters in the herd: Loretta

Milk test: on test for 2021 (250lbs @ 86 DIM)

Wild In Wild H Luna Lovegood

SG Wild In Wild FS Little Artist 1*M x Poppy Patch LM Haggred



Luna is a clone of her dam, down to their hunchy crouchy stance for pictures. She is a bit of a wild thing but is drawn to the milkstand as her genetics demand. She freshened with a snugged up udder and nice large teats. I’d like to see more medial development but am optimistic her sire’s side will help with that with future freshenings. With daily milkings through the remainder of her first freshening I think she will continue to mellow but we’d prefer to place her with another goat so she makes the transition to her new herd without undue stress. Considering her dam’s consistency, I think Luna will be a safe bet for a lovely dairy goat with one more freshening under her belt.

Wild In Wild K Ruby Tui 1*M

Wild In Wild OK Flashdance x Minterbay HK Kane *B


+V+V85 @ 02-01

We would consider placing Tui in the right home. She’d make a wonderful home milker despite her teat defect. She also has a doeling we would prefer to keep with her. $425 for the pair.

Tui has grown up as a bit of a wild child but found her calling as a milker. She loves to eat and she eats on the milkstand so.. therefore she loves the milkstand. True to her dairy nature, she puts her all into milking and can be a little tough to keep in condition early in her lactation. She freshened with a lovely udder with strong attachments and a strong medial. She scored a V(ery good) on her udder in her first freshener appraisal. Sadly, Tui has a double orifice in one teat so we are treading lightly with plans for her kids. But, despite the obvious flaw, there is a lot to love about this doe. She qualified for her milk star in a one day milking competition as a first freshener and put 4lbs in the bucket on a home test just prior to her milk test.

Wild In Wild K Duckabush

Cougar Mountain Elwah x Minterbay HK Kane *B


+V+V83 @ 01-05


Duck is taking after her dam with her dairiness and productive, correct udder. She has a great work ethic and took quickly to the milkstand as you’d expect a doe of her breeding to do.

Wild In Wild W Myrtle

Elfin Acres BT Manzanita x Wild In Wild T Waylon


So, our sweet little Myrtle was the unsuspecting victim of a failed buck apron at the tender age of 8 months. We usually allow our girls to mature more than less before kidding and Myrtle was a wee doeling to boot. However, she kidded a single (quite large) doe kid like a champ and seems thrilled to have made herself her own best friend. Considering we were not intending to freshen her for another year we’re taking Myrtle’s first freshening appraisal (at 13 months old) with a grain of salt. Even with the underwhelming score of 77, the appraiser had some very kind words for her. Myrtle’s dam was slow to mature and really seemed to blossom as a three year-old so we’re giving Myrtle all the patience and time she deserves.

Wild In Wild CN Battle Cry

Sans Gene K Eowyn x Wild In Wild OK Charle Noble


+VVA81 @ 01-02

Due to an overly ambitious buckling last year we freshened more does than intended in 2019 and are having to sell some first fresheners. Rosie is offered for sale for $275.

Rosie’s dam Eowyn has a rump you could host a dinner party on. She is a lovely doe with excellent body capacity and depth. Eowyn scored EEEV90 as a four year old and her sister, SG Sans Gene K Cookies and Creme was appraised at EEEE91, as well as being a powerhouse milker. Rosie’s granddam on her sire’s side appraised at VEEV90 as age 7. Rosie freshened a year earlier than planned so is in a bit of an awkward stage as a yearling milker but still scored very good on dairy strength and body at her yearling appraisal at 13 months and seems on track to follow in her dam’s footsteps. Rosie is milking 2.5lbs a day as a first freshener. Rosie has a tendency to vocalize her needs and advocate for herself rather well. Due to her proclamations, she’d thrive in a home with consistent schedules, which we can not offer her unfortunately due to fluctuating work schedules. With this in mind, Rosie is offered at a discounted price.

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