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If multiple registered does/bucks are purchased we offer 10% off the price of two goats, 20% off the price of three and 25% off groups of four or more.

Additionally, Oregon farmers who’s families have been negatively affected by Oregon’s exclusion laws or by forced displacement will receive 50% off the price of any goat and 4H kids of your family can have a goat at no cost.

Wild In Wild W Tree Frog ~ two year old dry doe, through no fault of her own. Wonderful production on her sire’s side. Both her sire’s sister and Tree Frog’s half sister have freshened with lovely udders with good texture and capacity and are milking approximately 5+ and 4lbs, respectively. They also both appraised in the high 80s (87 for the first freshener and 89 for the second). Her dam’s side adds length and brisket extension. This gal is rarin’ to go. Can be sold exposed to one of our bucks for an additional $50. $250

Wild In Wild P Emmylou ~ Wild In Wild T Wynette 2*M x Wild In Wild K Pilgrim *B ~ 2019 doeling ~ I would not usually sell a doe kid that looks like this girl. Her dam is one of my favorite does here. She milks up a storm and is an easy keeper in the goat yard. However, it turns out you can’t keep everyone. I’ll almost certainly regret letting this girl go but I’m excited to see her work some magic in another herd. She is a clone of her dam. I expect this girl to continue Rowdy’s consistency on the milk stand with the added bonus of Maggie’s elegance. $450 with preference given to herds participating in herd improvement programs.

SOLD Wild In Wild H Luna Lovegood ~ promising first freshener with a very nice udder. We’re only selling her because we are having to significantly downsize our first fresheners and had to pick just a couple to hold on to. Luna grew up pretty wild but milking is helping her realize people aren’t the worst and if she continues with daily milkings through her first lactation she should be easy peasy by the end of it. $275 due to her currently skeptical approach to humans.

SOLD Wild In Wild CN Battle Cry ~ yearling first freshener. “Rosie” freshened young with an accidental breeding so she has been a little awkward but is quickly growing out of it. Dam and granddams on both sides appraised with 90s so this girl will uphold that legacy well with another freshening or two. $275, discounted since she can be a little vocal if I’m late with meals 😉

SOLD Wild In Wild OK Ruby Tui 1*M ~ two year old first freshener. One of our most promising first fresheners in production and udder conformation. Sadly, Tui has a double orifice in one teat. With mindful breeding she could still make an excellent brood doe as neither doe kid inherited the teat defect. She is a sweet girl and would also make wonderful pet or home milker as she easily made her milk star on a one day test as a first freshener. Would prefer to re-home her with one of her 2019 doelings. These girls should be correct, milking powerhouses. $225 on her own or $425 with her registered March doe kid.

SOLD 2019 March doeling, Wild In Wild CN Tonks ~ Wild In Wild H Luna Lovegood x Wild In Wild OK Charlie Noble ~ I expect this youngster to be long, oozing with dairy strength and have a productive udder with good teat size and capacity if she lives up to her genetics. $275 or sold with her dam for $475.

2019 March doeling, Wild In Wild H Free Bird ~ SG Wild In Wild OK Maggie Mae 1*M x Poppy Patch LM Haggred ~ this kiddo really speaks for herself. She’s long, correct and her dam is one of my more treasured does. Preference to herds who (plan to) participate in herd improvement programs or showing. $450

SOLD 2019 May doeling, Wild In Wild P Lena ~ Wild In Wild K Duckabush x Wild In Wild K Pilgrim *B ~ This little cutie is the result of an unintentional tight linebreeding on Kane. However, these doe kids are sharp looking, enough so that we’re keeping one here. It doesn’t hurt her cause that her first freshening dam has really taken the milk stand by storm, easily milking 3.3lbs on her first (unofficial) test. And, blue eyed if that’s your jam. $400

Poppy Patch LM Haggred ~ four year old buck from Algedi/Alethia lines. A buck I’ll regret selling but reluctantly offered for sale. $425

Pet Wethers ~ Wethers make great small farm pets for folks who want the friendliness of a dog or cat with the ability to have some you time while your pal chews cud in the barn at night.  (Who am I kidding, what farmer knows what “you time” feels like?) They do a great job keeping brush down in areas you’re stick of weed whacking or having to spray with chemicals. With our little misters we believe very much in practicing humane farming methods. We let the mamas raise their kids until 8-12 weeks but also do train them to drink milk from a bottle. This allows them to wean a little more gradually once they transition to their new home as well as allowing them to bond with their new family over something we all love: food. We sedate for disbudding and tattooing (even the wethers have our herd name tattooed in their ear for identification). We castrate with the burdizzo method since it seems to be the quickest for healing and we give oral pain management as well as a local pain killer during this procedure. $225 for a pair and $75 for each additional. We recommend buying 3-4 if you don’t have other goats to maximize entertainment value. No wethers currently available but please contact us early to get on the wait list for our 2020 kids. Wethers will be available to go to their new homes after castration in late May.

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