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If your family was impacted by Oregon’s Exclusion Laws or forced displacement from your family’s historical lands we prefer not to accept compensation for animals placed on your farm. We live, and farm, on lands traditionally called home by people of the Clackamas and Molalla tribes, as well as the people of the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde. Our ability to buy our land is the result of historical federal policies that advantaged our families at the expense of others.

Two May 2021 bucklings, available as wethers in late July. Will be ready for their new home once they have been castrated at 10 weeks and have received two rounds of cocci prevention and their CDT booster. Will be placed together and sent home with frozen milk and on bottles. $225 for the pair.

March 2021 doeling. Wild In Wild K Kestrel.

SG Pholia Farm HB Detour 9*M VEVV88 x Minterbay HK Kane *B


Poppy Patch LM Haggred ~ five year old buck primarily from Algedi/Alethia lines. $425

Pet Wethers ~ Wethers make great small farm pets for folks who want the friendliness of a dog or cat with the ability to have some you time while your pal chews cud in the barn at night.  (Who am I kidding, what farmer knows what “you time” feels like?) They do a great job keeping brush down in areas you’re stick of weed whacking or having to spray with chemicals. With our little misters we believe very much in practicing humane farming methods. We let the mamas raise their kids until 8-12 weeks but also do train them to drink milk from a bottle. This allows them to wean a little more gradually once they transition to their new home as well as allowing them to bond with their new family over something we all love: food. We sedate for disbudding and tattooing (even the wethers have our herd name tattooed in their ear for identification). We castrate with the burdizzo method since it seems to be the quickest for healing and we give oral pain management as well as a local pain killer during this procedure. $225 for a pair and $75 for each additional. We recommend buying 3-4 if you don’t have other goats to maximize entertainment value. Wethers will be available after castration in May or June.

Kid Pricing

Base price is $325

+ $75 for dam’s SG award

+ $75 for sire’s +B

+ $75 for 1000+lb lactation

+ $50 for dam’s production star

+ $50 for sire’s *B

+ $50 for dam appraisal of 88 (FF 86)

+ $25 for every LA point above 88 (FF 86)

+ $25 for milk test high 5lb

+ $50 for milk test high 6lb

+ $50 for E mammary

+ $50 for E rump

– $50 credit for herds who show or participate in DHIH and/or Linear Appraisal

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