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As we update the website (very very slowly) we will maintain a running list of animals available for sale and add descriptions/pictures throughout July. If you are interested in any of the animals listed on this page please contact us for more prompt pictures and additional information. Please understand, we are very particular about the herds our animals join. We are horrible farmers and place their wellbeing above our economic interests and seek to mitigate the stress of moving homes by keeping animals with their friend/family units. Please expect to answer questions regarding your herd management, goals and farm set up. Homes that are interested in multiple goats will be prioritized over those who are only seeking one animal, regardless of order of expressed interest.

If you are interested in one of our bucks please reach out. We’ll only be retaining a couple fellas instead of the frat house we’ve traditionally had here. If one looks to be a good fit for your herd drop us a line. Year leases are also a possibility.

Starter herd package, lease only. SG Wild In Wild T Wynette 2*M VEEE90 and SG Wild In Wild FS Little Artist 1*M VVEV86 (high of VEEV89). We won’t be breeding these two next year so regretfully are offering them together to a performance herd on a breeding lease. These two share striking beautiful heads with good width between their eyes and balanced, strong muzzles. They have been consistent and productive milkers. Both are currently in milk. Would be bred to our bucks prior to leaving.

2 y/o FF doe Wild In Wild K The Ruiner +VV+84, $400. Would prefer to keep her with her daughter, who is lovely and quite difficult to part with, Wild In Wild P The Cat ($350 on her own). The Ruiner’s dam hit the ceiling on her FF appraisal at VVEV89. The Ruiner is currently in a bit of a gangly awkward stage but should continue to deepen and fill out with future freshenings. She freshened July 31st, 2020 and we had a two week wildfire evacuation in the beginning of September and I didn’t try to salvage lactations much that fall. The evacuations and following pneumonia that blasted the herd made this poor gal’s first freshening lactation a wash. I thought she had dried off (left to the mercy of her kids) but she still filled plenty 11 months later in order to be appraised in June of 2021. She’s a paternal half sister to Loretta, who has been our rockstar milker the past two years. Her paternal granddam was a top ten milker in 2012 and her maternal granddam had test day high of 8.7lbs as a second freshener. Her 2020 daughter is a carbon copy of her paternal granddam, Maggie Mae. She is is long and sleek and earned her name by being a therapy lap goat during our evacuation. $650 for the pair.

March 2021 doeling: Wild In Wild P Betty Lou x Wild In Wild D Night Moves *B ($425). Night Moves self dispatched this breeding but we are not disappointed in the resulting kids. He is a Maggie son by Dragonfire. Dragonfire is a son of an Elite doe and both granddams are also on the Elite list. His maternal granddam is Sugar Moon V Zuzanna, who should need no introduction (ADGA breed leader with 2190lbs in 2018). His dam was presumably on owner sampler when she milker 1610lbs in 2019, yet is not reflected on that year’s top ten list. Should be a very milky kid.

March 2021 doeling, Wild In Wild P Emmylou VV+V86 x Wild In Wild D Delmore *B. Granddaughter of our steady eddy girl Wild In Wild T Wynette VEEE90 and by a young buck we retained out of Loretta last season after she held stead at just around 5lbs for her first three tests of her first lactation. E mammaries on both side’s of this doelings pedigree as well as a strong will to milk. $400

May 2021 buckling: Wild In Wild K Loretta 3*M x Creamery Creek J Dragonfire *B. Very milky little dude. A great option for someone wanting an udder buck at an affordable price. $500

Pets! We have them. Two sets of 2021 wether brothers at $225 a pair. We also have an exceptionally friendly and remarkably small doe kid from 2020 who just refuses to grow and would honestly prefer to be a house goat. She’s available with her brother, Kevin, at $225 for the pair. Lastly, we have a yearling wether who is very sweet and retained his horns due to a heart murmur at birth that put him at risk for complications if we had sedated for disbudding (which is how we always disbud). He is available for adoption to a herd with other horned goats or as a tag-along with his sister and dam or one of our other wether groups.


Base price is $300 for kids, $400 for adults (increasing to $350 and $425 in 2022)

(we traditionally do not appraise our bucks, hence the emphasis on dam LA scores)

+ $75 for (dam’s) SG award

+ $75 for (sire’s) +B

+ $75 for (dam’s) 1000+lb lactation

+ $50 for (dam’s) production star

+ $50 for (sire’s) *B

+ $50 for (dam) appraisal of 88 (FF 86)

+ $25 for every LA point above 88 (FF 86)

+ $25 for (dam’s) milk test high 5lb (FF 4lb)

+ $50 for (dam’s) milk test high 6lb (FF 5lb)

+ $50 for (dam’s) E mammary

+ $50 for (dam’s) E rump

– $50 credit for herds who show or participate in DHIH and/or Linear Appraisal

2022 wether reservation list: Alyssa (3)

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